Drinking Water Pumps

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Lifestock watering
Remote homes and cabins
For 4”wells or larger
Quick disconnect with ‘Watertight-Gland’ patent pending design..
Corrosion-proof housing with stainless-steel fasteners.
Runs dry without damage.
State of the art solid diaphragm.
Stainless-steel Fasteners.
Pump design      : Positive Displacement 3 Chamber Diaphragm Pump.
Motor                   : permanent Magnet Thermally Protected.
Internal Bypass : max. 7,2 – 7,5 Bar
Inlet                       : 50 Mesh stainless –steel Screen.
Outlet                   : 12,7 mm. Barbed Fitting
Materials             : High Strength Engineered Plastics.
Model Max. Suction Flow Voltage Max. Head Max. Draw Weight Packing Size Quick Reference  
SFBP2–G.96–08 30 m. 360 l./min. 24 dc 70 m. 4 A 3 kg. 355x130x110 mm. 300 More Information
SFBP2–G.162–08 30 m. 600 l./min. 24 dc 70 m. 4 A 3.2 kg. 355x130x110 mm. 301 More Information